Michael Reilly

mreilly@resiliware.com pubkey +1 (608) 301-6345

Clean, simple software solutions

Software projects can quickly become complex. I aspire to cut through the complexity.

My focus is on understanding how to implement solutions with a minimal tool set, instead of requiring dependencies that may not be available. For example, I have deep experience with POSIX C.

I am available to work as a full-stack programmer, technical writer, or consultant for both one-off and long-term projects. If interested, please send me e-mail — I will be happy to discuss ways I can help your project.

Highlighted Experience

More details available by request

Created the hexpeek open source hex editor for huge files

Worked on native PC video game development

Worked at major enterprise tech company — Operating Systems [Networking]

Worked at major EMR software company — internship in real-time data handling

Earned Bachelor of Science Degree — CS / Math


C, C++, SQL, Python, shell, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, C#

POSIX, Berkeley sockets, Winsock, SQLite3, SDL2

Linux, BSD, AIX, Microsoft Windows, IBM i